Labour reveals true cost of NHS job losses in Kingston

Labour reveals the hidden costs of redundancy pay-outs in Kingston arising from NHS reorganisation. The new figures come as a leaked report from the Department of Health confirms the full costs of the NHS reorganisation at over £3 billion.

New, official figures list the costs of NHS redundancies in every community during the first year of the Tory / Liberal Democrat government’s NHS reorganisation. Figures reveal Kingston’s PCT has already been forced to spend £476,000 laying off staff – only for many expected to be re-employed elsewhere in the system. And this is just the 2010-2011 phase of redundancies – further damaging figures are expected in the summer.

The new figures come as a leaked Government “business case” for its Health Bill confirms the vast overall costs of the Government’s NHS reorganisation. It confirms that £10,690,745 in Kingston is being held back from NHS patient care to pay for the reorganisation, in the form of a Government-ordered 2 per cent Primary Care Trust budget hold back in 2011-12 and 2012-13 – amounting to £3.45bn across England.

Laurie South, Chair of Kingston and Surbiton Labour Party, and Labour candidate in the Coombe Hill by-election said:

“People will want to know why our local NHS has been forced to waste £476,000 on pay-outs in 2010-2011 alone, only for many of the same staff to be re-employed in the new NHS organisations. This is only the first wave of redundancies – more are expected later this year and next as part of the Government’s reckless NHS reorganisation that will cost over £10.5 million in Kingston alone.

“Kingston’s NHS is counting the cost of the Liberal Democrat / Tory ‘privatisation of the NHS’ policy. By pushing ahead with a reorganisation no one wants, the Liberal Democrat / Tory Coalition is taking millions away from the NHS front line in Kingston just as it should be focused on patient care.

“Edward Davey, the Liberal Democrat MP, promised to protect the NHS in Kingston and Surbiton, but he is a cabinet minister in the Tory / Liberal Democrat government whose back office waste has resulted in front line cuts. When Edward Davey campaigns to save the NHS in Kingston, it is empty rhetoric. How can he ever be trusted again on the NHS when he is part of a government passing this unwanted legislation?”