Lee Godfrey comments on Ed Davey’s so-called “consumer savings”

Today, 2nd December 2013, Edward Davey, Secretary of Sate for Energy and  Climate Change, announced that, far from supporting Labour’s “energy freeze” he was taking the green levy out of energy bills, letting energy companies dictate his policy, and dumping the levy back on the tax-payers: except he tried to sell it rather differently. Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Kingston and Surbiton, Lee Godfrey, comments on the sleight of hand.

Ed Davey is giving with one hand and taking with the other

Ed Davey, Kingston and Surbiton MP and Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, has come in for sharp criticism from Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Kingston and Surbiton, Lee Godfrey, in response to today’s announcement of action on Energy Bills.

Ed Davey today announced plans to save energy customers £50 per year on their energy bills at the cost of the environment. He also announced the government will give out grants to some people of up to £4,000 to help with energy saving measures.

But Labour’s Lee Godfrey was quick to point out that this plan is a sham. Lee said, “Although Ed Davey wants to present this statement as a welcome move, in fact he is giving with one hand by taking with the other. Ed Davey is demanding that local residents and other tax payers pay for these new measures, the very same people that have seen their energy bills soar in recent years. He has let the big 6 energy companies completely off the hook, and a saving of £50 will not even be noticed as energy bills will still be rising this year, beyond what people can afford to pay.

Ed Davey has said nothing today about how he plans to fix a fundamentally dysfunctional and unfair market. Meanwhile the energy companies can keep profiteering at the bill payer’s expense.

It just goes to show, as many people suspect, that Ed Davey is too weak to stand up against powerful interests.”

Lee Godfrey has worked in the energy industry for 17 years and has gained a deep understanding of its workings and weaknesses. He has previously said that he will be holding Ed Davey to account on his record in this parliament.

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