Three things that Tudor Ward voters need to know about Chris Priest and three things they need to know about the Liberal Democrat candidate

Three things Tudor ward voters should know about the Liberal Democrat candidate.

1. Her name is Marilyn Mason. Although her literature may give the impression that she is an independent, she is in fact standing as the Liberal Democrat Party’s candidate. So  she is not the Green Party candidate. This is Ryan Coley, as local Greens have pointed out in a letter to the Surrey Comet.

2. A recent Liberal Democrat leaflet — which was described by the prominent political journalist Paul Waugh in a tweet as “possibly one of the most surreal political leaflets I’ve seen” — suggests that the Liberal Democrat is currently close behind the Tories. The figures used actually date from over four years ago, from the elections in May 2010. That is, before the Liberal Democrats went into coalition with the Tories.

3. At the most recent Council elections, in May of this year, the Liberal Democrat vote in Tudor Ward fell by a massive 13 percentage points, while Labour’s vote rose – see below.

Three things Tudor ward voters should know about the Labour Candidate, Chris Priest.

1. Chris has served in the past as a Labour councillor for the neighbouring Canbury ward. He has also served for 18 years as a primary school governor, and has been a member of the borough police consultative committee.

2. At the last council elections in May, Labour’s share of the vote in Tudor Ward went up by seven percentage points.

3. Labour is the only one of the major political parties opposing the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government. Only a Labour councillor can properly hold the council’s Conservative administration to account. For anyone who wants an alternative to the coalition, a vote for the Liberal Democrats is a wasted vote. A vote for Chris Priest on Thursday will send a message to the coalition, and help to elect an experienced Labour councillor for Tudor ward.

For more information on Chris’s priorities, see posts below.

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