Bombing Syria: the Kingston & Surbiton View

Kingston & Surbiton members discussed the bombing of Syria at its December all member meeting. Unsurprisingly there were a variety of views put forward, informed by some very knowledgeable people with very direct experience of the middle east situation. Unlike the Tories, whose leader tried to smear people who voted against extending the bombing as “terrorist sympathisers”,  Labour Party members understand that different views should be respected. We are disappointed that our local Tory MP made no effort to consult with his wider constituents, and has certainly, so far,  failed to explain his position. 

This is the agreed motion and position of the CLP.

Kingston & Surbiton CLP disagrees with the decision of Parliament to extend the bombing of ISIL into Syria. It believes that there are more effective economic and diplomatic means through which to work towards the resolution of a complex situation.

This CLP acknowledges that on matters of war there are strong arguments to allow a free vote in Parliament for MPs of all political parties after consulting their local party organisations and their wider constituents. It also acknowledges that some members of the Labour Party felt on balance that they should vote for an extension of bombing into ISIL held areas of Syria.

This CLP calls on all Labour MPs, members and supporters to work towards a speedy end to the bombing campaign in Syria, and towards an economic and diplomatic solution to the situation in the country, seeking stable, inclusive and democratic governance under which all sections of the community may live in peace and prosperity.