Edward Davey showing disdain for electorate of Kingston

This letter was published in the Surrey Comet 6 February 2015. 

In politics there should be debates over values and priorities. Unfortunately Edward Davey prefers to lob falsehoods in our letterboxes, as we see from his glossy and expensive leaflet in which he claims personal responsibility for “saving” Kingston Hospital’s Maternity and Accident and Emergency Departments from closure by a Labour government.

Those with long memories will recall that Edward Davey pulled this self-same rabbit out of his campaign hat in 2010. Even the most credulous realised it was a complete fiction when his spin doctor was overheard by a journalist bragging about his ability to fool the Kingston electorate. To repeat the same discredited propaganda five years later shows a total disdain for the electorate of Kingston.

Edward Davey voted with the Tories, his coalition partners, for their NHS privatisation bill. When asked to vote for Clive Efford’s private member’s bill by hundreds of Kingston electors in November 2014, Edward Davey refused to give an answer. If Parliament had passed the bill, it would have stopped the creeping privatisation of the NHS in its tracks. Edward Davey just did not turn up for work in Parliament on the day on which the vote was taken on the bill.

Untruths and distortions are the refuge of desperate people and Edward Davey is clearly desperate. He has good cause. Lord Ashcroft sponsored a private poll on general election intentions in Kingston (as he did in many constituencies) and found the Liberal Democrats lying third.

Edward Davey’s entries in the Parliamentary register of interests show he has collected a considerable war chest of donations, many, it would seem, from a trail of inter-locking companies. So doubtless we can anticipate further Davey pamphlets coated in more make-up than a pantomime dame.