Kingston & Surbiton CLP on the End Austerity Now March 20th June 2015

Why we must protest against government austerity plans

On 20th June 2015, members of Kingston and Surbiton Labour Party were proud to be part of the enormous rally “End Austerity Now”, marching from the Bank of England to Parliament Square.

Many economists say that the root cause of the financial crisis was the recklessness of some banks, not overspending on welfare, and that the focus by the last government on austerity in fact delayed the recovery of the economy.

We have yet to learn how the government plans to cut £12bn from the welfare budget, but we know that the cuts will fall on the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society, who under the coalition government have already suffered from the bedroom tax and benefits sanctions.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies says that over ten years of progress on child poverty under Labour governments have been reversed, and the numbers of children living in poverty are set to rise again. Is that really the sort of society we want to live in?

At the same time, pressures on the NHS are increased by cuts to social care, which mean that the services to enable people to leave hospital are not there.

Our Labour councillors will fight to protect our vulnerable fellow citizens in these difficult times.