There are many ways in which you can participate in your local community.


The easiest way to be involved with politics is to be aware of current issues and discuss them with friends, colleagues and family – or even strangers!


Once you’ve joined the Labour Party (see below), we’ll provide all the material and support you need to help in campaigning. This could be posting fliers, helping on a street stall, talking to people via telephone or face-to-face – whatever suits you best! Putting leaflets through letterboxes on a round takes less than a couple of hours, but makes an enormous difference. Contact Dave Cooper to express your interest.


You can help your community greatly by donating some of your spare time and effort. Volunteering can also be hugely rewarding, introduce you to new people, help you to develop new skills and improve career prospects.

For local volunteering opportunities, check out these websites:

Attend our meetings

We hold friendly monthly meetings, usually on the third Thursday of each month at 8pm at our offices. We normally have a round-up of the latest Council and CLP news, guest speakers and lively debates – you’re also welcome to make suggestions for other items!

To attend a meeting, just join the Labour Party (see below) and they’ll notify us, so we can  send you an invitation.

Join the Labour Party

Joining the Labour Party is a great way to participate in your local community, learn about local issues and discuss them with people who share your values.

You’ll have access to a wealth of the latest news, invites to fun social events, skills training opportunities, and also gives you a vote in leadership contests! You also have an opportunity to contribute to the National Policy Forum and help shape the future of the party.

You can join the Labour Party here: – if you’re under 27 it’ll cost just £1!

Are you a local student?  Join Kingston University Labour Society

You can meet other like-minded students by joining KULAS.  Check the KULAS Facebook page for further details.

Join the CLP’s 100 Club

By setting up a standing order of just £2 each month, you can be in for a chance to win over £50. The draws happen live at our monthly meeting (see above). You can find the standing order mandate here INSTRUCTION TO BANK TO PAY STANDING ORDER 100 Club

Please print this form, complete and send to:

Marian Freedman, 71 Malden Hill,  New Malden, Kingston,  KT3 4DS


The Labour Party relies upon donations for around 40% of its funds. In the last three months of 2008, the Tories received donations of more than £5m – almost twice the amount received by Labour.


You could also contribute via fundraising by running a raffle or competition, organising a jumble or bake sale or throwing a fundraising event such as a dinner, quiz or wine tasting night!